NEW *SOLO* SP-MP MONEY GLITCH! (GTA 5 Online Super Easy Unlimited Money Glitch/ DLC) 1.42

NEW *SOLO* SP-MP MONEY GLITCH! (GTA 5 Online Super Easy Unlimited Money Glitch/Doomsday DLC)1.42 [GTA V]

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To start off this dope *** glitch in gta 5 make sure u have already set up the clothing components on ur second
character Start in single player as any story mode character and find a peyote plant and stand near it Get a 2-3 star wanted level and wait for the police and start shooting you now eat peyote and turn into animal and run at police and be killed as soon as the animal hits the floor hit ps button go to recent activity that says start gta online and accept all messages You will start loading into clouds and screen goes white go to your console settings and disconnect from the internet then go back to game You will need to listen to ur speakers as the screen will stay white you will hear you single player character load into story mode when u are sure that u have loaded in Reconnect internet and do the wanted level up cheat 3 times (R1 R1 O R2 left right left right left right) and wait to be killed as soon as u get killed the screen will go back to normal now quickly press ps button recent activity start gta online and accept all messages 2 things could happen here the screen may stay white for a long time keep pressing Options if u get the options menu other white screen just go online and switch charcter More then likely you will be in the white screen for awhile and it will change different colours and eventually you will load in under the map coming out of the hallucination as you single player character NOW U HAVE SP TO MP Now once online as single player character find another peyote plant and eat it nothing will happen but you will feel the controller vibrate now hit start – online – swap character and swap to second character and wait for the TIMED OUT message and accept it now you will be in clouds and it will be frozen just wait 15 secs for the screen to start moving and now close gta 5 restart gta 5 you will see that lady giving the peace sign as soon as she has gone hold L1 and R1 till you see the change brightness screen then go online

XBOX 1 Method

Steps :
Load in story mode with any single player character
Go to Peyote plant and get a wanted level. Xbox one cheat (RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
Eat Peyote plant, when an animal just join someone in a different targeting mode, accept the first alert and stay on second alert
When you here animal die just accept the alert, when you get white screen disconnect internet and go back in game, when it pops up with an alert saying you lost connection accept alert then straight after turn internet back on and then go back in game
When in story mode you will have a white screen, press start and change targeting mode to free aim if it’s not already set, Get at least 2 stars (Xbox one Wanted Level Cheat RB, RB, B, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right) join someone in different targeting mode then accept first alert and stay on second alert, wait till cops kill you when you here your character die accept alert
You should spawn in online with single player character, if your in online with white screen just press start, online and swap characters and choose your other character


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